Friday, October 21, 2011

Using Computers

Well this post is for talking about computers, these are for making more easy our life, it´s almost unimaginable how could be live without this powerfull machine today.

   I use computers everyday at work, I use it for check emails, complete SDS´s costumers forms, check availability of spare parts, check toll systems alarms in remote sites.  if something is wrong or broken, we go quickly to face the emergency in site.

When the things are going well, is time for surfing on websites, chat with friends, post in blogs or make some comments on social pages like Facebook or Twitter. actually I´m using my computer for learnig English, watching videos and practice with some online quiz.

So What do you do with your computer?   make your comments

Friday, October 14, 2011

BBC website review

My english teacher recommended me an interesting site for learning English... the  BBC website.

In this we can find grammar, vocabulary & pronunciation exercises, a lot of videos can help us to practice our English.
For example, once finished the video, we can see some words used in the context, meaning of them, and pronunciation... better than better... everything is in English!
this is very important because we need forget spanish while we are in this site.
Travels, news, business, sport, fashion,  in a funny way will take you around english´s world

click the following link for visit and start to practice

Friday, October 7, 2011


Hi Everyone!

My name is Enrique and this is my first blog. I´m 38 years old, I work for Kapsch, a company dedicated to Toll systems, my position in the company is Senior Technician.

I love music, the beach, but trains... are my passion, so  I spend a lot of my free time on my lifelong hobby.
I will use this space to show you some pieces from my collection, with a short History and country to which they belong.

Your questions and comments are welcome!