Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kapsch product description

Do you remember where I work?

Kapsch company. started operations in 2003 in Chile,  given the need of integrate toll collection systems on new highways projects in Santiago, Kapsch presented a new and revolucionary system called MLFF, multi lane free flow. being the strong product and sold all over the world.
  This consists in paying toll without need to stop in  highway at high speeds untill 200 km/h.
a set of sensors and cameras implemented in a gantry detect an OBU (on board unit) installed in a car, when this car passes through this gantry these sensors take the dimensions and capture the plate number, read the information saved in the OBU and compare both datas. if everething is OK, a correct pay has been done, if not, a  image is saved for a manual recognition.  All data is captured and processed in a Central System that sends an invoice to the address registered of each car.

Other products are being implemented like Parking systems, SOS call box and Open a barrier boom reading an OBU.

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